My friend and I both submitted a funding request for two separate training courses. Is there a guarantee that they both will be approved?

Each application for funding that is received by Employment and Training is looked at as completely separate from other applications. The background of the individual applicant is reviewed including any funding that they may have accessed previously from Employment and Training, or other Tewatohnhi’saktha programs. Also, their educational and employment history, the type of training that they are applying for and the cost of the training program are also taken into consideration. Another important point is if there is a demand for that type of qualification in the labour force. This means that if the type of training that you want to do will qualify you to work in an area with the fewest available jobs, you may want to reconsider that type of training.

Therefore, if two people apply for two different programs at the same time, there is no guarantee that they will be approved. There is a lot to consider for each application.

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