Who should I make my request to in order to apply for funding for a training program?

First, you should determine whether your program is vocational/professional or if it’s a post-secondary program. Employment and Training can only fund vocational/professional training. You could contact an Employment Counselor to help you to determine this. It is important to discuss your plan with an Employment Counselor before applying to any training programs. The Employment Counselor can assist you in making sure that this is the right plan for you.

From there, it must be determined if you are eligible for funding, and if Employment and Training can cover the type of training that you are requesting. From there, the Employment Counselor can provide you with the information that you will need to include in your request for funding. Your application usually includes a letter of intent written by you, as well as program information including location, cost, length of training, and the type of accreditation that you will receive upon completion. This application, when finalized, is submitted to the Employment Counselor who then brings it to an Employment and Training team meeting to review your request and make a decision.

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