Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawake Economic Relief Measures (KERM) Fund Application for Businesses

KERM Fund Objective:
The Business Interruption Fund will provide a financial contribution to eligible businesses to
cover all or a portion of their FIXED OPERATING COSTS, which may be capped, including but not
limited to:
• Rent (The landlord must apply)
• Utilities: Hydro, propane/oil/gas, telephone,

The objective of this Fund will be to provide funding for those businesses who are the most in
need, insofar as they meet the eligibility requirements below.
The funds are not be used to subsidize the profits of the business or the salary of the business
owner. This will be viewed as abusing limited community resources and offenders will be
penalized. Instead, they are to be used to cover operational costs only, which exclude business
owners’ salaries, income, and dividends.

Businesses and business owners, regardless if the business is incorporated or not, will be
regarded as separate entities. If you own a business, you may also apply for individual funding
through the Kahnawà:ke Economic Relief Measures Fund provided by the Kahnawake Social
Assistance Program.

The term “businesses” includes for-profit and not-for-profit organizations


A business will be eligible for funding if it meets the following criteria, which may
be amended from time to time by the KERM Board:
• It is headquartered in Kahnawake;
• It is otherwise ineligible for Federal or Provincial Programs;
• It provides goods or services, which are not in contravention of Kahnawake laws,
regulations or policies;
• If operating in a regulated industry (i.e. alcohol, gaming, cannabis, etc.), and it
possesses a valid license.
• One business per individual is allowed to apply.

Business will not be eligible for funding to cover expenses for which it has received a payment

Businesses whose head office is located outside of Kahnawake are not eligible. These
businesses may be eligible for Federal funding.

Businesses that defy directives from the COVID-19 Task Force and remain open are
not eligible for Business Interruption Assistance.

Businesses that have closed as a result of COVID 19 Emergency Measures are eligible for
Business Interruption Assistance.




KERM Application for Businesses