Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Core Values

Values reflect who we are and what we continuously strive to become.  At Tewatohnhi’saktha, we strive to be:


We hold responsibility for setting and achieving community economic development goals. 

We are accountable by: 

    • Being competent, knowledgeable and professional in our interactions. 
    • Encouraging a culture of excellence in servicing our members and customers. 
    • Living up to our responsibilities, meeting our obligations and fulfilling our agreements with all stakeholders. 


We are open, honest and available.

We are transparent by: 

    • Sharing key information with our community and stakeholders regarding our projects, initiatives and activities. 
    • Communicating with our stakeholders in a clear, accurate and timely manner. 
    • Conducting ourselves with integrity and honor. 
    • Remaining approachable and accessible to our clients.


We will continuously collect community input with a creative and forward-thinking mindset in order to cultivate initiatives in the best interest of our stakeholders. 

We are innovative by: 

    • Identifying market opportunities that lead to the development of products, services and processes that evolve with the times. 
    • Challenging ourselves to go beyond conventional ways of thinking. 
    • Creating an environment that promotes ingenuity and resourcefulness.