Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission


New Executive Director Selected for Tewatohnki’saktha

After an extensive recruitment process, the Tewatohnhi’saktha Board of Directors unanimously approved the selection of Neil McComber to fill the position of Executive Director for Tewatohnhi’saktha. Under the new mandate, the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has changed to Executive Director. Mr. McComber holds a Bachelor of Arts, from Concordia University and has completed the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke’s John Molson School of Business (Executive Centre) Program and other relevant training.

Working for the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke (MCK) since 1997, Mr. McComber has been the Director of Public Relations for the last 15 years, under the MCK’s Executive Director’s Office. Prior to working in MCK Public Relations, he worked in Project Development (Community owned business). “Tewatohnhi’saktha has built a solid economic foundation for Kahnawà:ke and I am excited to join their organization and help towards a self-sufficient Community consistent with our cultural values. I would like to thank all of my co-workers over the last 23 years for all of their hard work and dedication.,” says Neil McComber, Executive Director for Tewatohnhi’saktha

A start date is yet to be determined. However, there will be a sufficient time period to ensure a smooth transition.

“As Tewatohnhi’saktha continues to implement its new Mandate, we are excited to have Neil on board to help guide the organization. With his vision for the community and the economy, we believe that Tewatohnhi’saktha is the right hands and are excited by what Neil will bring to the organization,” says Greg Horn, Chairperson for Board of Directors.