Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission


Graduates can gain valuable work experience through the Transition Program
January 27, 2021

Our Transitions program is designed to offer new graduates the opportunity to access a 26 week work measure with an employer that is connected to their field of study. We have identified that it may be difficult to find employment right out of school due to a lack of work experience. The Transitions program allows graduates to have the opportunity to gain valuable experience upon the completion of their studies, learn hands on skills in the workplace and get started on a path to success.

Depending on the graduate’s program sometimes their stage or summer student job doesn’t provide them with the required experience to apply for a full-time position. Therefore, the program works as a perfect transition from school to the workplace. The participant identifies an employer who can offer work experience that is relevant to their recent certification or diploma. The participant submits an updated resume and cover letter expressing interest in participating in the Transitions program. While the employer submits a detailed work plan outlining the tasks that the Transitions participant will be designated to do over the next 26 weeks and once approved by both Workforce Development and the employer of choice the measure can begin!

Heard through past experiences, it has been proven that the program is successful in its purpose to provide valuable work experience to recent graduates. The Transitions program allows for its participants to step out of their role as students and step into the role as professionals. Transitions participants can put their newly developed skills to work in a fast-paced environment, while learning new hands-on skills through mentorship and direction. The program allows for graduates to have the chance to network and make connections with potential employer’s post program. Many of our past participants went on to become permanent employees for their employers, some took their experience with them to another position at a different workplace and some went on to start their own businesses in their field of study. The Transitions program allows graduates to really figure out which direction they want to go in and it gives them the confidence to put themselves out there. If you are a recent graduate and you are looking for a great experience, the Transitions program is right for you!