Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission


Tota Ma’s Staff Introduction
December 13, 2021

Tóta Ma’s Café is a social enterprise developed by the Achieving Concrete Essentials Program through Tewatohnhi’sáktha.

The goal is to serve Indigenous-made or -owned beverages, provide meaningful local employment, support local businesses, and support tourism in the community.

Keanna Goodleaf – Tota Ma’s Café Manager

Favourite Café drink: Iced match latte with maple and oat milk   

I love working at Tota Ma’s Café because it helped me to truly understand what it means to love the job that you do. I come to work every day, happy to be there, happy to serve the community and happy to be in this amazing work environment.   

Taylor Cross – Tota Ma’s Café Coordinator

Favourite Café drink: Frosted strawberry juice   

I love working at Tota Ma’s Café because it is a very welcoming and fun environment. Whether it’s from my co-workers or customers I learn something new every day.   

Iawenhontsaieshon Peterson Mcgregor – Head Barista

Favourite Café drink: Iced caramel macchiato with oat milk   

I love working at Tota Ma’s Café because I am challenged everyday with the fast-paced environment. Always learning to adapt to a new situation.

I also enjoy and the fun and free environment. We’re always laughing, helping, uplifting each other!

Ienoronhkwahawi Kirby – Barista

Favourite Café drink: Dirty French vanilla 

I love working at Tota Ma’s Café because of the fun and friendly work environment that allows me to build valuable skills for the future. I also really enjoy making drinks, especially tasting them!

Wehnhiseriio White – Barista

Favourite Café drink: Strawberry cooler with hibiscus  

I love the atmosphere it’s very homey and very friendly staff, I find it fun to make drinks and takes pictures of them. 


Customers Testimonials: 

“Tota Ma’s Café is a friendly cozy environment. My favourite drink is a coffee with hazelnut almond creamer.” 

“The food is awesome and the berry hibiscus drink is too.” 

“I love getting a dolce frappe. The workers are always so nice, that’s my favourite reason.” 

“I love that even though a co-worker went to pick up my drinks, the staff still knew that it was my order. Seriously though, the wraps and paninis are also excellent. I love that they feature other small businesses from town.” 

“I love a café mocha with two shots of raspberry flavour shot.”