Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission


3rd Annual Harvest Food Fest

3rd Annual October Harvest Food Fest is underway!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Kahnawà:ke (Seskehkó:wa /September 28, 2021.) Kahnawà:ke Tourism is
hosting the 3rd Harvest Food Fest throughout the month of October! The Harvest Food Fest is a collective event, when community members can share their culinary creations made from the annual harvest.

The food festivals initiative was created in 2016, to showcase our traditional foods that coincide with our cycle of ceremonies to visitors and community members alike. The food fests are a fun, respectful and economically beneficial way in which to share our culture, without disrupting the local environment.

“We have so many businesses who share harvest products and specials this time of year, let’s help our neighbors and visitors experience a bit of our culture. Many visitors are seeking a place to try authentic cuisine. By creating this food fest, businesses could add traditional or seasonal specials to their offerings, and tourism is able to do the promotions. The goal is to eventually evolve all seasonal food fests into
weekend long, in person event-based tourism product offering.” Said Kimberly Cross-Zacharie, Tourism Development Agent.

Multiple businesses have pre-confirmed their participation. We encourage other local businesses to join in by calling 450-635-2929 or email info@kahnawaketourism.com.

The Food Fest is part of the overall tourism strategy, and a part of the Shop local, Shop Kahnawà:ke campaigns. Visit participating businesses and use the #Harvestfoodfest2021 and #Kahnawaketourism hashtags. Be sure to follow our social media pages for more information about the contests. 


Contact : 450-635-2929

Jordan Diabo
Tours & Events Coordinator/ Coordinatrice des Visites et Événements
Kahnawà:ke Welcome Center / Ronwateriwahseronnién:nis / Centre Bienvenu Kahnawà:ke