Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission


Kahnawà:ke Youth Center to be sole recipient of proceeds from the 2024 Business Golf Challenge

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Kahnawà:ke (Onerahtókha/April 16th, 2024) – Tewatohnhi’saktha is proud to announce that the Kahnawà:ke Youth Center has been selected by the Board of Directors as the beneficiary of the funds raised from the upcoming 2024 Business Golf Challenge. This decision was reached following the Board’s approval of the proposal on March 12th, after considering two submissions by the deadline of March 8th.

The funds will be primarily directed towards the Kahnawà:ke Youth Center’s Travel & Exchanges program, an ambitious undertaking designed to broaden the horizons of Kahnawà:ke’s youth. This program aims to introduce the participants to diverse cultures and perspectives by providing travel opportunities beyond their immediate environment. In the summer of 2025, the program will facilitate an educational and cultural journey for 25 local youths to the Capitals of Scandinavia, including Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, and Tallinn. The itinerary includes tours of the capital cities, museum visits, and explorations of historical palaces.

To reach their financial targets for this enriching experience, the Kahnawà:ke Youth Center is engaging in various fundraising activities, with the Business Golf Challenge being a significant contributor to their efforts. The Board of Directors’ Chairperson nominated for the nonce in absentia, Charles Barnett expressed his support: “We are confident that the proceeds raised will give the Youth Center the much-needed boost to reach their fundraising goals. The Travel and Exchange program is a wonderful initiative, and we support it wholeheartedly.”

The Tewatohnhi’saktha Business Golf Tournament is scheduled to take place at the Lafleur Golf Club on Friday, August 23, 2024, under the expert coordination of Lisa Morris.


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Allison Jacobs
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