Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission


$3.3 Million injection into a Kahnawà:ke Project a welcome boost to the economy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Kahnawà:ke (Tsothóhrha/December 2, 2021)

Tewatohnhi’saktha congratulates Mr. Peter Paul and the Kahnawà:ke Hotel Project on funding
approval of $3.3 Million by Aboriginal Initiatives Fund (AIF). Quebec’s investment in this private
project proposal has been long awaited and will be another welcome boost to our economy.

The Hotel will bring about more jobs and opportunity to the community as well as provide lodging
for individuals attending small or large events and activities in the community. Guests of the hotel
will surely frequent local business establishments during their stay. Kahnawake Tourism works
regularly with all local businesses to promote their activities to non-locals (tourists) and that includes
hotels and other accommodations.

Congratulations to the proponent, Mr. Peter Paul, and we wish you success in your new endeavour.
“Tewatohnhi’saktha has been in support of this project since 2015 and will continue to support
economic growth and local job creation.” said Neil McComber, Executive Director for

Tewatohnhi’saktha appreciates the recent announcement by the Kahnawà:ke Hotel Project and
reminds the Community that it is not our place to announce private business ventures. For more
information on the AIF, click here:


Contact: 450-638-4280

Neil McComber
Executive Director

Allison Jacobs
Marketing and Tourism Manager