Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission


Maple Food Fest Returns for the 8th Season!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Kahnawà:ke (Enníska/February 27, 2023) Kahnawà:ke Tourism will host the 8th Annual Maple Food Fest this March. The Maple Food Fest is a collective event, where the theme of maple and maple culinary creations are promoted throughout the community.  

In 2016, the food fest initiative was created to highlight our traditional food that coincide with our cycle of ceremonies to visitors and community members alike. The food fests are a creative and economically beneficial way in which to share our culture, without disrupting the local environment.  

Kahnawà:ke Tourism is encouraging local businesses and restaurants to participate in the upcoming Maple Food Fest by calling 450-635-2929 or email jordan.diabo@kahnawaketourism.com 

This year a social media contest will be held throughout the month of March. One winner will be rewarded a prize by following one of these steps: 

  1. Like the original post. 
  1. Become a new follower to our social media pages. 
  1. Use the #maplefoodfest2023 hashtag.  

 Be sure to visit our Facebook page for more information. 

Another exciting event to look forward to this Maple Season is a Sugar Shack Brunch fundraising event Saturday March 25, 2023; promotion is forthcoming. This event is in collaboration with Tourism, Kahnawà:ke Survival School, and the Rail Coal Fire Bistro. For more information visit kahnawaketourism.com.  



Contact: 450-635-2929
Jordan Diabo
Tours & Events Coordinator
Kahnawà:ke Tourism