Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission


Tewa Launches New Website

Kahnawà:ke (Onerahtohkó:wa/May 4, 2021)

A NEW Tewatohnhi’saktha website has been launched. This new website has long been a request from our clients as expressed through our client satisfaction surveys in the past. Now after many months of hard work and dedication from our team at Tewatohnhi’saktha, we are pleased to announce the official launch of www.tewa.ca!

Our primary goal during the redesign process was to create a more valuable, user-centric and responsive resource across all platforms and devices. Specifically, we wanted to focus on making it easier for our users to learn and locate valuable information about our programs, services and activities.

The site boasts many new features that were absent on our old site, such as; a calendar of events, a place to blog (online journal of activities), add more video clips and to provide a space to share updates on our initiatives. As well, the site allows our clients to have access to more online registration forms and applications.

“Tewatohnhi’saktha always strives to be client friendly and we hope the new site achieves that. We’re always listening and willing to make changes as needed,” said Neil McComber, Executive Director.

For any suggestions, questions or comments please contact us.


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