Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawà:ke Business Guide 2021

The Business Information Guide is updated annually and is a useful resource to help you in your business. The guide contains the following:

-What is a Business
-How to Register your Company Name
-How to Register your Business/Federal Government
-Calculating EI Rates for Employee Source Deductions
-T4 and T4 Summary to Revenue Canada
-How to Register your Business/Provincial Government
-Quebec Enterprise Register (REQ)
-Calculating QPIP Rates for Employee Source Deductions
-Relevé 1 and RL Sommarie to Revenu Québec
-Labor Standards in Québec
-Minimum Wage
-ROE – Record of Employment
-EI – Employment Insurance Benefits
-QPIP – Québec Parental Insurance Program Benefits
-MSI – Mohawk Self-Insurance