Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Helping people acquire the knowledge and skills to obtain gainful employment and
providing support to our local entrepreneurs to maintain and expand their business.

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Deciding on a career path, determining what qualifications you need for that dream job, and looking for employment opportunities that compliment your training and experience can be a challenging journey. Our services are available to all ages, don’t be shy, you can change your career or take training at any time in your life.  We are here to help!

If you are an existing Entrepreneur or thinking of opening a business, you can look to us for support.  We offer business advice and guidance, funding opportunities through grants and loans or training and employment support throughout all stages of your business development.  Tewatohnhi’saktha has the programs and services to meet all your business needs.  Contact us, we are here to help!

tewatohnhi’saktha initiatives

Tewatohnhi’saktha supports the goals of various initiatives in the community that improve the quality of life for our people.  The initiatives that are of the utmost importance are those that improve our economy through businesses and employment opportunities, but also those that foster our well-being by connecting with our culture and native heritage.

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