Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Ka’nikonhrí:io Podcast

Our vision is a self-sustained community that creates well-being and prosperity for 7 generations in accordance with our cultural values. Our mission is to stimulate and enhance Kahnawà:ke’s economic growth by investing in people and businesses.

Ka’nikonhrí:io Episode 5 – Procurement Assistance Canada

Coreen Delormier, our Business Retention and Expansion Officer, sits with staff from Procurement Assistance Canada and discusses how small to diverse businesses can take part in the federal procurement process and make doing business with the Government of Canada more accessible.

Please take a look at these 3 websites that were discussed during this episode.

Episode 4 – Builders of the Future / Administrative Assistant Bootcamp

Join us as Drake D’souza, Workforce Development Coordinator, discusses the Builders of the Future Program and Administrative Assistant Bootcamp.

Episode 3 – Kahnawà:ke Summer Student Employment Program

Join us as Katsistohkwí:io Jacco (Program Manager Workforce Development) discusses what is coming up this year for the Kahnawà:ke Summer Student Employment Program. Employers and youth will want to tune in to learn more about the changes and updates to KSSEP Program for 2024.

Episode 2 – Workforce Development’s Programs & Services January 2024

On this episode of Ka’nikonhrí:io, Tewatohnhi’saktha’s Podcast, join host Emmitt Hamelin with his guest Emily Rice,
Counselling Services Manager Workforce Development. Today’s discussion is regarding Workforce Development’s Programs & Services for the new year.

Episode 1 – Shop Kahnawà:ke Initiative

Welcome to Ka’nikonhrí:io, Tewatohnhi’saktha’s Podcast. On our very first episode of Ka’nikonhrì:io, join host Emmitt Hamelin with his guests Daryl Leclaire, Director of Business Services and Brian Williams, Social Media Coordinator. Today’s discussion is regarding the Shop Kahnawà:ke Initiative and the new and improved Shop Kahnawà:ke website launching soon.