Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawà:ke Summer Student Employment Program (KSSEP)

The Kahnawake Summer Student Employment Program (KSSEP) is one of Tewatohnhi’saktha’s most popular programs.  Each spring organizations and businesses seek out the talent pool of our ambitious students to provide a valuable summer work experience. On average, 60-70 Kahnawake students find employment and many find work for the very first time under the KSSEP. The program kicks off in March, the highly awaited KSSEP job listing is posted in mid-April and jobs wrap up in August each year.

The Kahnawake Education Center & Tewatohnhi’saktha’s partner to provide the core funding for the program. Funding is used for communication and promotions of the program while a large majority of funding is allocated to student wages and MERCs. The hourly wage rates are linked to level of education. High school wage rates are based on the current minimum wage while increases are seen for CEGEP and University level students. We’ve implemented a “Bring your Own Employer” initiative where students are encouraged to seek out the employer that best relates to their future employment goals in order to build networks and skills for their future career.

Over the many, many years that the KSSEP has been offered in the community, we seen our students move on to become highly skilled professionals, managers, teachers, and leaders!

Eligible students MUST be one of the following as of this year 2023:

  • Full-time high school student returning to high school in September
  • High school graduate entering a full-time post-secondary institute in September
  • High School graduate entering a Vocational Institution in September
  • Full-time college/CEGEP student returning to full-time studies in September
  • Full-time university student returning to full-time studies in September
  • University graduate of this year
  • Adult education graduate of this year attending full-time post-secondary studies in September

For more information, please contact the Workforce Development Program Manager at 450-638-4280