Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission


Hydro-Québec is looking for a Kahnawà:ke company to clear vegetation around transmission lines
September 5, 2023

Hydro-Québec is looking for a Kahnawà:ke company to carry out vegetation control work in a transmission line right-of-way located in the community of Kahnawà:ke. This is manual brush clearing work that consists in cutting vegetation incompatible with the transportation network to a height of 10 cm or less using portable brush cutters. The area of the work to be carried out is 8,358 hectares. Cutting debris is left scattered on the ground within the right-of-way boundaries. The work period would be from the award date until November 30, 2023.

Companies interested in carrying out this work must express their interest by email to the contact below and register for the Supplier Space before September 20, 2023.

Interested companies will then have to complete the qualification form and provide the resume of the foremen and administrators, their prevention program, the list of the workforce (with years of experience and training) and proof of membership in an occupational health and safety program. They will finally be invited to the call for proposals to submit their price for carrying out this work.

Note that although this call for proposals is only for work to be done in 2023, it will be recurring approximately every 4 years.

For any questions about the process and documentation, please contact Marilou Dalpé at dalpe.marilou@hydroquebec.com / 514 840-3000 ext. 7730



Instructions to those interested in prequalifying – Vegetation Control in transmission lines rigts-of-way (Version 2022-09)

Supplier Prequalification Application – IVM Transmission (Version 2021-10-18)