Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission


9th Annual Maple Food Fest

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Kahnawà:ke (Tsohthorhkó:wa/January 29, 2024)
Kahnawà:ke Tourism will host the 9th annual Maple Food Fest. The Maple Food Fest is a collective event in the community where the maple theme and maple inspired culinary creations are promoted for the month of March.

In 2016, the food fest initiative was created to showcase our traditional foods that coincide with our cycle of ceremonies to visitors and community members alike. The food fests provide an excellent opportunity to have a creative and economically beneficial way to share our culture without disrupting the local environment.

Tourism works on educating our visitors to participate in different activities and try our local products by encouraging them to Shop Kahnawà:ke during these month-long food fests. During Maple Fest, Kahnawà:ke Tourism will offer a maple season event to locals and visitors while recognizing the cultural history of this special time of year. Wáhta is a time to celebrate the tapping of the trees and the wonderful maple water that flows from them. We then process it into sweet maple syrup for all to enjoy, while always being thankful for this gift that has been given to us.

Kahnawà:ke Tourism is encouraging local businesses and restaurants to participate by showcasing their products during the Maple Food Fest by calling (450) 635-2929 or email Kahnawà:ke Tourism Events Coordinator: bronwyn.johns@kahnawaketourism.com.

This year, we invite visitors to check out all the maple treats by way of our Maple Food Pass Contest. Try each participating business’ creation and vote for your favourite on the Kahnawà:ke Tourism Facebook page! A vote will be chosen randomly through the Facebook contest and a winner will take home a $50 Shop Kahnawà:ke Gift Certificate


Contact: (450) 635-2929
Bronwyn Johns
Tourism Events Coordinator