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Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission


Deom pursues passion for videography, photography through new job
March 14, 2024

Workforce Development Client Spotlight

Kahnawa’kehró:non Kanerahtakwas Eve Deom has an excellent work ethic and she is more than happy to continue to pursue her passion for videography and photography through her current job.

“I am employed with Cross the River Creative, doing part time work for Brady Cross and Abigail Jacobs as the assistant editor,” said Deom, who has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Film Production from Concordia University. “I work on many projects such as videography, photography, editing, and occasionally running the photobooth.” She said she especially loves the flexibility of the work schedule and the creativity that she gets to put into the various projects.

“I am often given free rein on how I will tackle a project, and then Brady and I go over what changes could benefit what I’ve been working on,” Deom explained. “It’s great to receive feedback from someone as experienced as Brady. Every job becomes a learning experience.”

She is no stranger to this line of work through, as she previously worked at one of Kahnawà:ke’s newspapers.“People may have seen me around the past few years with a camera at various events while covering news for Iorì:wase, taking video and photos at graduations, weddings, or running the photobooth for many parties,” Deom said.

She also talked about how Tewatohnhi’saktha was able to help her on her career path. “Thanks to Tewatohnhi’saktha’s program, I was able to be employed by Brady and Abbey, which jumpstarted my long-term employment with them once the program was finished,” Deom said. “It gave them the confidence that I was worth keeping on as the editing assistant.” She said she would recommend Tewatohnhi’saktha’s services to those looking for employment, or those seeking funding for employment. “They are one of the first options I go to when considering new employment. I always know that there will be someone who is able to help me or direct me to resources,” Deom affirmed. “Niá:wen to Belle Phillips who was my Youth Engagement Counsellor while in the Transitions Program.”

It didn’t always come easy though, as there were obstacles along the way. “When I was meant to start work for CTRC, I had a family issue that pulled me away for a while,” Deom said. “Having supervisors/employers who were understanding and supportive during that time really helped me get through it without feeling stressed or pressured to getting back to work before I was able to. I now feel comfortable to come to my employers with any issue, personal or professional, and that lets me get my work done without any stress.” While she isn’t quite sure where she sees herself in the next five years, she did say that she was pursuing a second degree. “I know I’ll be graduated by then,” Deom said. “And, I hope to be doing more creative video and film projects.”

by Jordan Standup, Freelance Writer